Want to reduce your cooking cycles and save money?

The Datapaq Food Tracker sets the industry standard for accurate HACCP temperature profiling in the most demanding food processing applications. The system includes:

     IP67 rated Multipaq21 data logger 

     Comprehensive thermal barrier range to suit different process demands

     Powerful, yet easy-to-use Insight™ analysis software, for process lethality  calculations

     Interchangeable thermocouples to suit your range of products

     Real time radio telemetry to shorten cook times and see live lethality calculations

Continuous monitoring

Measure ‘end to end’ product temperatures and improve process control with our infrared pyrometers, including the TV40 thermal imaging camera, MP150 linescanner, or Thermalert 4.0 pyrometer

All systems can continually monitor food products as they enter and exit the oven, or chiller, process. 

For complimentary and continuous monitoring of your process, the infrared sensors and cameras are designed for integration into process control systems and can be built into machinery for OEM applications

OEM applications

Real Time Cook Validation

During this busy production time, customers have started using the Food Tracker Radio Telemetry system for real time telemetry cook validation to cut down cooking cycles and increase productivity.

Datapaq Food Tracker® Systems offer a reliable means of measuring and logging the true product and environmental temperatures in food processing, including cooking, frying, baking, chilling and freezing to satisfy your needs for certified and traceable thermal profile reports for HACCP regulations and process validation.

Who we are

Fluke Process Instruments is a division of Fluke Corporation. With over 150 years of combined industrial experience, we’ve pioneered a solution specifically for your process needs. Three industry leaders Raytek, Ircon, and Datapaq, joined together to create Fluke Process Instruments, offering a broad portfolio of industrial temperature measurement solutions. Providing non-contact infrared temperature measurement and thermal profiling solutions and thermal profile equipment is our business.


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